Transient Canvas


The dynamic bass clarinet/marimba duo Transient Canvas has been blazing its own trail in the world of contemporary music since 2011. In four short years, they have premiered over 40 new works, essentially creating an entirely new repertoire for their unique instrumentation. Fearless in their programming and hungry for new collaborations, TC has performed anywhere from microbreweries to Jordan Hall and actively seeks out new composers who will stretch their instrumentation to its limits.


Boston Percussion Group 

Part contemporary music group and part rock band, Boston Percussion Group (BPeG) challenges the definition of “classical” music with repertoire ranging from Steve Reich to Frank Zappa and Tan Dun to Sufjan Stevens. BPeG presents high-energy performances whether in a concert hall or a public park. Comprised of a core group of musicians, BPeG has been featured at Boston Arts Festival, Outside The Box, and Make Music Boston and has given masterclasses at colleges and universities throughout New England.



Narratives is how I have reconciled my childhood love of books, movies, and theatre with my current career as a classical musician. All musicians are storytellers, and, in a sense, all “classical” music, whether it’s Mozart or Xenakis, is a story. Music follows a dramatic arch, complete with character development, conflict, and eventually resolution. By combining theatrical works utilizing spoken narrative with more traditional marimba solos, it is my hope that audience members will start to make connections between stories with words and those without. Just like an episode of NPR’s This American Life, each performance of Narratives is different. That’s the beauty of telling stories - there are just so many to tell.