Bach - C Minor Lute Suite (Prelude) BWV 997

My adaptation of the Prelude from Bach's C minor Lute Suite. Performed live for a private concert in a loft in Jamaica Plain, MA. 


fzzl (2011) by Dan VanHassel

"fzzl" (2011) for snare drum and electronics by Dan VanHassel. Performed in Boston, MA on February 27, 2016.


Eumolpus (2013) by Clifton Ingram

"Eumolpus" for speaking marimbist by Clifton Ingram. Performed on December 18, 2014 in the Commonwealth Salon at the Boston Public Library.

The composer writes: "Eumolpus is part of an ongoing project of character pieces of settings from The Satyricon, of which urrently belongs Encolpius, a solo for speaking pianist written for Andy Costello.


Silt (2014) by Mischa Salkind-Pearl

The composer writes: "I have written several pieces dealing with peripheral natural phenomena or humans’ fraught relationships with organic material. Silt does not attempt to allegorize our perception of the mineral world, but instead depicts the behavior of nature operating at the margins of our consciousness."

with Lilit Hartunian, violin


Late Night Banter by Aaron Jay Myers

Equilibrium Ensemble, Matt Sharrock, conductor.

October 15, 2015, Cambridge, MA.


Persephone as Kore by Chris Coughlin

Chris Coughlin's "Persephone as Kore" for solo marimba, written for me and premiered in 2011.

It is from a trio of works for marimba and viola depicting the different sides of the Greek figure Persephone. The works are characterized by the juxtaposition of innocence and madness.


Not Outward Without (2015) by Daniel T. Lewis

Written for Boston Percussion Group. Premiered May 29, 2015.


B.Y.O.B. - Boston Percussion Group

Concert highlights from "B.Y.O.B." at The Space, Boston MA, May 2014. Boston Percussion Group.

Works by Muhly, Barnett, White, Lang, Rzewski, De Mey.