Marimba Solo

Aldridge, Robert--  From My Little Island

Andriessen, Louis--  Mouse Running

Bach, Johann Sebastian--  Suite for Lute in C minor, BWV 997 #

Bach, Johann Sebastian--  Suite for Violoncello in D minor, BWV 1008 #

Bunch, Kenji -- Triple Jump

Coughlin, Christopher -- Soliloquium for Marimba: Persephone as Kore *

Edwards, Ross -- Emily's Song # orig. piano solo

Hasebe, Masaki--  Dark ‘N Stormy *

Hughes, Curtis -- Lucid*

Hurel, Philippe -- Loops IV

Ingram, Clifton -- Eumolpus * for speaking marimbist

Jones, Darren -- Two Little Movements

Kirsten, Amy Beth -- Empty Shell Girl

Ko, Tonia -- Blue Skin of the Sea

Lansky, Paul--  Three Moves

Lewis, Daniel T. -- Acquainted with the Night *

Lewis, Daniel T.  --  Constructions for Solo Marimba *

Mackey, Steven--  See Ya Thursday

Noonan, Brenna -- look * for speaking marimbist

Randall, J.K.  --  through Lapland

Rolfe, James--  The Connection for speaking marimbist

Satie, Erik -- Trois Gnossiennes # orig. piano solo

Snowden, Steven -- Long Distance

VanHassel, Dan -- Here Comes...

Vores, Andy -- Snapshots for Fred # orig. guitar solo

Wallin, Rolf -- Realismos Mágicos


Percussion Solo

Barton, Scott -- Water, Rhythm and Light* for speaking percussionist & robots

Carter, Elliott -- Saëta from Eight Pieces for Four Timpani

Lang, David--  The Anvil Chorus for percussion

Lucier, Alvin -- The Silver Streetcar of the Orchestra for amplified triangle

Rzewski, Frederic--  To the Earth for narrator & flowerpots

Salkind-Pearl, Mischa -- what is not, is not for vibraphone & chimes

Snowden, Steven -- Left of the Dial for snare drum & electronics

VanHassel, Dan -- fzzl for snare drum & electronics


premiered by Matt

# adapted by Matt