Percussion Ensembles

Barnett, Jeremy -- My Own Small Discoveries *  (percussion quartet)

Bergamo, John -- Piru Bole  (2 or more percussionists)

Cage, John -- Living Room Music  (speaking percussion quartet)

Colombo, Joseph -- Structure II (percussion trio & drone)

Grisey, Gérard -- Le Noir de l'Etoile (percussion sextet)

Honstein, Robert -- An Index of Possibility (percussion trio)

Hughes, Curtis -- Antechamber * (percussion quartet) -- Written for BPeG

Ibbett, David -- Here and Nowhere Else * (percussion quartet) -- Written for BPeG

Kenyon, Beau -- and when considering the stars. * (percussion quartet) -- Written for BPeG

Lansky, Paul -- Threads  (percussion quartet)

Lee, Thomas Oboe -- Percussion Quartet  -- Written for BPeG

Levitan, Daniel -- Marimba Quartet  (marimba quartet)

Lewis, Daniel T. -- not outward without *  (percussion quartet) -- Written for BPeG

Lewis, Daniel T. -- Radiant Decay *  (percussion septet)

Muhly, Nico -- Ta and Clap  (percussion quartet)

Murphree, John -- Jigsaw * (percussion quartet) -- Written for BPeG

Murphree, John -- Perspective Study (lujon quartet) -- Written for BPeG

Pawassar, Rüdiger -- Sculpture in Wood  (marimba quartet)

Reich, Steve  -- Mallet Quartet  (2 vibraphones, 2 marimbas)

Reich, Steve -- Music for Pieces of Wood (percussion quintet)

Skidmore, David -- Echoes  (percussion quartet)

Trant, Aaron -- Spirals (percussion trio)

Tenney, James -- Three Pieces for Drum Quartet  (percussion quartet)

Viñao, Alejandro -- Estudios de Frontera  (marimba with percussion quartet)

White, Barbara -- Third Rule of Thumb  (percussion quartet)


Mixed Chamber Groups

Aldridge, Robert -- threedance  (violin, marimba, tabla)

Berio, Luciano -- Linea  (2 pianos, vibraphone, and marimba)

Boulez, Pierre -- Derive  (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone, piano)

Dancigers, Mark -- The King of Snow  (flute, baritone, marimba)

Greenstein, Judd -- Ill  (2 violins, marimba, drum kit)

Lang, David -- Cheating, Lying, Stealing   (bass clarinet, piano, percussion, cello)

Lee, Yoon-Ji -- In Dark Sunshine (bass clarinet, violin, percussion)

Lewis, Daniel T. -- Now and gone*  (clarinet/bass clarinet, marimba, viola)

Matthusen, Paula -- nacht nach nacht nach nacht (4 music boxes & matches)

Myers, Aaron Jay--  Cracks in the Sidewalk *  (cello, 2 marimbas)

Park, Caroline -- FORM * (cello, bass, 2 vibraphones) written for the Equilibrium Ensemble

Puts, Kevin--  And Legions Will Rise  (clarinet, violin and marimba)

Reich, Steve  --  Music for 18 Musicians  (voices, clarinets, strings, pianos, percussion)

Salkind-Pearl, Mischa -- Opal  (piano four-hands, vibraphone, marimba)

Schoenberg, Arnold--  Der Nachtwandler   (soprano, piccolo, trumpet, snare drum)

Snider, Sarah Kirkland -- Thread and Fray   (bass clarinet, viola, marimba)

Stravinsky, Igor--  Histoire du Soldat (clarinet, bassoon, cornet, trombone, percussion, violin, bass)

Thimmig, Les -- Bluefire Crown III  (oboe, bass clarinet, marimba, violin)

Vores, Andy -- Weegee  (clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, piano, percussion)

Warren, Kevin -- Earthquakes *  (saxophone quartet, 2 percussionists)

White, Barbara -- When the Smoke Clears  (clarinet, violin, marimba)


* Premiered by Matt